Taylor Railworks is on the Right Side of the Tracks

I HAD a rule that I would not write about a restaurant until I had visited at least twice and I’ve broken my writing rule twice. First for Muselet and now for Taylor Railworks. Oh well. Rules were made to be broken!

I’ve been wanting to dine at TRW for a little while now and after finding myself at sixes and sevens, I decided to make a reservation tonight for dinner. I arrived and decided to sit at the bar facing the kitchen. It’s the best and most interesting seat in the house.

controlled chaos

Watching Erik Van Kley in the kitchen is like watching a dance. He is quiet, controlled and aware of everything around him. At one point in the service, he reminded me of Russell Wilson, who when he couldn’t find someone to catch his pass, ran toward the goal for a touchdown. The one time there was no runner, he ran the food out. I think that speaks volumes for his care for the customer and of the food.

This might be the biggest fish I’ve seen in a while. He handled it like the boss he is.


While I was perusing the menu, I was served spicy popcorn, which was no joke. I almost asked if I could take a bag to go, but was distracted by all of the goings-on around me.

Spicy Popcorn

I started with “The Boxer”, yellow-tail, pluot, trout roe, serrano chilies and ponzu. I smiled the entire time I was eating this dish. The yellow-tail was fresh and I loved the combination, especially the serrano chilies and ponzu. The roe was really fun; I love it when it bursts on my tongue. So much fun this dish.


I then had the gioia burrata with grilled peaches and spiced macadamia nuts. I think they should sell the nuts on the side; they are fantastic little bites of spicy numminess. I need to find out where the burrata came from; it was silky, smooth and creamy. I think that when fruit is grilled, it adds depth to a dish and it did with this. Such a wonderful combination.

Did I mention I loved my seat?


For my third option, I asked for a recommendation and although I didn’t know it at the time, Gabriella, Erik’s partner in crime suggested that I have the miso-cured black cod. I love putting my meal into the hands of a chef because I can never go wrong. Please try it; you will not regret it! The fish was buttery soft and the poblano puree and blistered padron peppers provided a nice contrast. I never tire of spicy, smooth combinations. This one was absolutely lovely.


Because I couldn’t decide, I ordered (and ate) two desserts. Chef was kind and reduced the size of the blackberry sorbet with cream and fresh blackberries. The pistachio cookies were so flipping good; I need to have the recipe. The blackberries were fresh, summery and sweet. There is a significant difference between local and not-local ingredients. We are so lucky to live here in the Pacific Northwest!


Did I mention that I loved my seat? I had so much fun watching the chefs. They worked very well together and were attentive and responsive to everything. It was impressive to see great teamwork in action.


When I see “fritters” or “beignets” on the menu, chances are pretty high that I’ll order them, especially if they are an unusual combination AND don’t have chocolate. The green apple and ricotta fritters were deep fried nuggets of “hello, I might be in heaven.” I ate every bite. Yes, ate all of them and I don’t regret it at all. The ricotta was such a fun surprise; the fritters were moist and absolutely delicious.


I’ve eaten at several restaurants in the city and it’s not often that everything comes together. At Taylor Railworks, the service from the beginning to the end was on point and the food was fantastic. Being proactive and observant are essential skills for managing the front of the house and kitchen. Chef Erik and Gabriella successfully demonstrated these skills.

TRW sign

Thank you for a beautiful dining experience!

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Superbite is a Very Difficult Name to Remember…But Oh, So Good!

I met Chris a while back when I was expressing my adoration of CHESA. Chris is one of these people you never forget because he’s real. I admire that in a person. Shameless plug here for Portland Food Adventures.

We decided to meet for dinner at SuperBite, a restaurant owned by the husband and wife team, Greg and Gabrielle Denton, who also own Ox, a restaurant that has yet to be visited by yours truly.

Chris Tina

SuperBite opened a few months ago with a focus on small but mighty bites (1 – 3 bites per item) and the price ranges from $3.00 on up. As someone who loves small plates and various tastes, I was looking forward to experiencing the menu with a fellow food lover in Chris.

I love the decor and I think it’s because my Gram loved blue and collecting molds for cakes and desserts, among other items. When you walk inside, you feel comfortable as it is warm and inviting. I was especially drawn to the lighting fixtures. The tables are small, but since the service is spot on, you don’t feel crowded. We sat near the kitchen and one of the cute sitting areas pictured below. I had taken a few more pics but they didn’t turn out so aren’t included.




We started with salmon belly crudo, a fresh, summery bite dipped in ponzu sauce. I drank the sauce and didn’t apologize. I loved the kick of spice with the pickled jalapeno.

Salmon Belly Crudo

When one reads “Spaghettios” on the menu, one might think of the incredibly processed and metallic tasting Italian “meal in a can”. To my great surprise and relief, out came the smallest dish of the tastiest little pasta O’s I’ve ever eaten. I might have tried to lick the plate and ordered twelve more plates. The truffle, butter and Parmesan cheese married well with the pasta and I hope this dish remains on the menu.


Another one of my favorite dishes was the Burrata with blackened zucchini. Burrata is freshly made mozzarella cheese with cream. It’s lovely and soft and creamy. The blackened zucchini had a kick to it, which was soothed by the cheese. Zucchini by itself is not impressive, but when the chefs created this, they treated it with respect. Loved it.

If you know me or have read any of my posts, you know I love meat. I especially love pork belly and short ribs so when I see either (or both) on the menu, I’ll order. Both should be tender, tender, tender. We ordered Maple Roasted Pork Belly and it was partnered with the prettiest watermelon radishes. I need to convince Team MacGuyver to plant these in their garden. It’s not like they don’t have room to do this for Daughter #3.

It’s a beautiful dish.

pork belly

We next ate the beef shortrib and potato cake and my only constructive criticism of this dish is that they used cheese from VERMONT and not Tillamook. As a Mookian, I was disappointed since Tillamook is only an hour away and the cheddar cheese is amaaaaazing. The shortrib was tender and I would have stolen the potato pancake but Chris kept watching my fork. Sheesh.


We debated about ordering another vegetable dish and I’m glad we did. The roasted cauliflower with spinach and spicy mayo (yes, I said MAYO). I can’t stand the stuff and was not thrilled about this. However, I try to eat things I ordinarily wouldn’t (unless it’s crawling) and we both really enjoyed this dish. It was a rich, spicy, creamy and just plain good.


We had a few disappointing dishes: the halibut was dry and the desserts need more finesse and thought. I understand the concept of savory and sweet but the combinations we tried just didn’t work.  That said, this is a new restaurant and they are still working through their menu. They have done SO much right that the dessert issue isn’t really bothersome.

What I loved the most about this restaurant was the service. It was absolutely spot on. The servers were consistently paying attention and ensuring that plates and cutlery were cleared and replaced immediately. They checked on our food and wanted to make sure we were satisfied. I love it. This is the second restaurant I’ve been to where the service is brilliant. Many restaurants can take pointers from SuperBite.

What a fun night with Chris – thank you, my friend! And thank you SuperBite! I look forward to eating another great meal.

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Ann, Oba! and the Hairy Lobster

Facebook, for all intents and purposes, has brought many friends back into my life and introduced me to new friends that I never would have connected with in a million years.

One of these friends is Ann. We went to high school together and through Facebook, have gotten to know each other. She adores her husband, children and dog. She is also a kind person. I caught that right away, sitting across from her at Oba!

Ann Tina

She messaged me the other day and asked what I was up to and if I’d like to meet her in the city for dinner. I jumped at it and we decided to find a Happy Hour with reasonable prices. I thought of Oba! because they have a nice menu of $3, $5 and $7 dollar plates as well as $5 and $7 mojitos and martinis. The house wine isn’t bad at $6.

Ann had a mojito and I had a glass of cabernet and we decided to order the Ensalada Fresca which is such a refreshing salad. Julienned jicama, arugula, oranges, cancha, cotija cheese are combined with a citrus dressing. It’s served cold and was the right touch to the hot afternoon.


We each had the Empanada de Res, which is a braised beef, queso oaxaca bite of deliciousness. The lime and cilantro complimented these quite nicely. I probably would have ordered another but I’m a lady…snort! And, I like these better than the empanadas at Andina and I love Andina.


The server recommended the Fundido de Chorizo and we fought to scrape the last bits from the dish. I’m just glad Ann didn’t lose an eye! The chorizo is made in-house and you can tell the difference. The exact combination of cheese and chorizo, along with salsa fresca. If I hadn’t been such a lady, I would have ordered more chips, but I restrained myself.

chorizo dip

Oba! is a great place for Happy Hour, dinner and just to hang out.

We then walked to The Hairy Lobster to have dessert. I have been there several times and have decided that it’s my go-to for bread and dessert.

Lined up

Look at these soup tureens just waiting for a chance to be served!

We sat out on the patio and shared three (yes, I know) desserts. I had to try something new so we ordered Razzleberry Crisp, See Coconut and Blueberry Pancake. And a wheelbarrow to take us out the door.

Our hands down favorite was the Razzleberry Crisp. Beautiful, red raspberries and pieces of fennel adorned an olive-oil corn cake surrounded by stewed raspberries and blackberries. Brown sugar ice cream topped the crisp. The corn cake complimented the berries so wonderfully! It was so, so, so good.

Berry crumble

I ordered See Coconut because I love the coconut macarons and coconut lemongrass sorbet. There is quite a bit going on with this dish: green curry, dark chocolate and white chocolate coconut ganache, macarons…it’s like multi-colored sparklers going off in my mouth. Not kidding. It’s so creative, clean and yet rich.


The final dessert wasn’t my favorite and simply because the basil butter didn’t work. I spit it out in my spoon (hopefully no one noticed). I NEVER spit things out because, hello? It’s tacky. It was not what I would have paired with these pancakes. Maybe lemon or lavender butter but not basil. The pancakes were great and I loved the granola and blueberry coulis. I think I also had a few bits of bacon as well.


I was so excited to bring Ann to a couple of my favorite spots in the city. We  got to know each other a little better by sharing a meal, stories and laughs. Here’s to friendships, old, current and new!

Happy eating…Ti

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Ron Acierto: Heart and Soul of Muselet

There are people that you meet and immediately form a connection. I did that with Ron Acierto, the owner of Muselet Restaurant and Wine Bar. He is the heart and soul of this wonderful restaurant.

Ron set the bar high for standards: food, service, wine and beverages. I had not experienced such attentive and thoughtful service at any restaurant I’ve dined thus far in Portland. Something was always lacking.Not so with the service at Muselet.

The bartender and servers were observant: they made sure water and drinks were always available, changed cutlery and cleaned the table after each course and ensured that each customer was content. Best of all? They LOVED working with Ron and each other.

This is a reflection of Ron. He places great care in all aspects and is a teacher. He wanted us to know where our wines came from and why he selected them.


The food is exceptional from the small plates to the desserts and I am not kidding. There was NOTHING that wasn’t beautifully and thoughtfully prepared and tasted such so darn good. I can still taste the blackberry goat cheesecake and that is the mark of perfection to me.

So it breaks my heart that Muselet is closing this week. I truly believe that if it was located in any other quadrant of Portland, this would be an entirely different story and deserves to be a different story.

For now, I raise a wine glass and toast my friend. I mourn with him and yet encourage him and his team in his venture to share his vision, gifts and talents with Portland.

“But since it falls unto my lot that I should go and you should not, I’ll gently rise and softly call, good night and joy be with you all.” From the Parting Glass.

Joy be with you, sir.

Parting Glass 1



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I Fell in Love…

with Clermont-Ferrand and the people that live in that wonderful, vibrant city. My sole purpose was to attend a conference room pilot for our Clinical Trials Management System. Not fall in love. But I did and now I want to go back and revisit because 3 nights wasn’t enough.

Clermont-Ferrand is toward the South of France and built over several volcanoes. The last eruption was 6000 years ago. Most of the buildings are constructed from volcanic rock, which is beautiful. The city has a large square with a carousel and several bars and restaurants surrounding it.

Village 1

The people I met were lovely, kind, generous and oh so gracious when I destroyed their language because they appreciated that I tried. All of the menus were written in French and not knowing the language, it was like playing pin the tail on the donkey: I ordered chicken for dinner and to my surprise, out came a large pork chop. I’m smiling as I type this…


Here is the team we worked with. We all enjoyed dining together and experiencing wonderful food and companionship. I have become fast friends with Iris, one of the contractors for our client. We spent quite a bit of time talking and laughing about the system, life and other silly things.

I felt ashamed for my “Americanism” once. I was so very tired and we ate late every night which was a stretch for me. We were to go to a dinner on the second night and were to regroup at 8:00PM. I have to admit that I tried to get out of it, but I’m so glad my plan to sleep failed.


I’m only going to talk about one of our dinners as it was a very special night for me. I sat with our team, next to a kind gentleman who ensured I was taken care of: wine, understanding the menu and humoring me by sharing food. The concept of sharing doesn’t really happen in France much to my surprise. We ordered starters and mains, which is typical.

My starter was foie gras and was smooth, mild and perfect. Apricot jam came alongside and I spread it and the foie gras on a fresh, warm baguette. Wonderful.

foie gras

Foie Gras, because when in France.

For my main, I ordered Black Truffle risotto. I’ve never met a black or white truffle I don’t like. Wait, not true. I bought the Lays truffle potato chips and was greatly disappointed. Yuck.

I digress. The second the plate of risotto came out, I could smell the truffle and oh, it was such a grand smell! How I love the scent. It was rich, creamy and the truffle, although strong, didn’t overpower the dish. The Parmesan crisp was a perfect accompaniment to the dish because the saltiness cut through the creaminess. Very, very nice combination.

Black Truffle Risotto

We started with a lovely red blend of Mourvedre, Grenache and Cinsault grapes and it was perfect for the warm summer evening. I took this picture, googled it and was quite surprised at the price point ($15.00) because it tasted much more expensive!

Wine 1

Our second wine was from the Roussillon region, in Southern France. It was blend of a variety of grape and according to the rules of wine making, at least three grape varieties must be used. As I expected, it was a perfect companion to the risotto.

Wine 2

As I’ve written before, I love to sit and share a meal with others. There is something about eating together that warms my soul. We sat outside for a couple of hours, talking, laughing, eating well-prepared and scrumptious food, drinking copious amounts of wine and enjoying the experience of being together at an intimate restaurant on a summer evening.

What a gift Clermont-Ferrand was to me.

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Traveling to Clermont-Ferrand

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to observe and assist with a conference room pilot of our CTMS system in the lovely town of Clermont-Ferrand, France.

I happened to be on Air France’s 787 maiden voyage from JFK to ORLY and it was a kick in the pants. The staff took our pictures, danced a routine and gave us coffee cups and candy to celebrate. I had the entire section of business class to myself and a fabulous flight attendant. We got along famously.

Air France

Bus Class

Everything was new and I especially loved the blanket. I asked to keep it rather than steal it and was told no, that they launder and reuse. That’s great to hear but sad for me.

The airlines have put quite a bit of thought into how flights operate, especially international flights. It had been a while since I flew over the Atlantic and appreciated the psychology of running the flight. Once we reach 10,000 feet, the flight attendant was up and ready to serve. The activities of food and beverage service, movie instruction, etc. can take one’s mind off the fact she is flying over the Atlantic and has NO control over it.


Look how long the wing is…

I opened my window shade over France in the early morning and I loved the cloud over the wing.

French Morning

The engine was HUGE

The landing at ORLY was the smoothest landing I’d ever experienced.

After landing, I had 5 hours to kill so sat in a cafe and drank my first cup of French coffee and immediately felt my eyebrows grow. Holy strong coffee, Batman. It was so good, I drank another, ate a croissant and watched people as they passed. I began to notice the difference in the level of dress. I can’t stand seeing sloppy outfits or pajamas on flights and no one on my flight to Clermont-Ferrand was sloppy; they all dressed very well.

I landed in Clermont-Ferrand in the afternoon and met my colleagues for dinner at the hotel. I work from home, as do most of my colleagues, so meeting face to face is rare but very important with building camaraderie.


Rob is special, as you can see. Actually, he’s been a wonderful mentor and I have and continue to learn much from him.

The rest of the story will continue later because I fell in love with Clermont-Ferrand and that’s another chapter.

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A Fourth Visit to Muselet

There are few restaurants where I feel cared for; where I matter and Muselet is this. I think it’s why I keep going back even though it’s in SW Portland and 30 minutes by A-line.

Parker House Rolls

From my first visit to my now fourth, Ron has always come to my table and shared either a glass of champagne or wine and talked with me. I’m just a girl who likes to eat; I’m not the highest roller in the restaurant, yet he treats me like I belong. It’s rare and I think, a beautiful way to be.

The staff are always warm and welcoming; they pay attention to everything: your place settings and napkin and check in to see whether you are enjoying your food or not (as if). This is a reflection of Ron and I hope it never changes.

Every dish I have eaten has tasted SO good and I continuously admire the creativity, thoughtfulness and care of Chef Parker. I was surprised when I ordered the Mimolette cheese and melon. I thought the swirls on top of the melon was the cheese but oh, the sneakiness! It looks like the color of melon and surprised me.


That’s what one of the things I love so much. Chef is serious about what is prepared yet playful with taste and presentation. I can’t wait to experience the next dish.


What a whimsical, little bite of fun this is! After each meal, I’ve been treated to a small bite of deliciousness, which is again, rare and wonderful.


Parting Glass 1

This is a beautiful dessert wine from Owen Roe Winery and made in honor of David O’Reilly’s father, Edward O’Reilly. The Parting Glass is an Irish custom of a parting toast before people leave a gathering, as well as lyrics to an Irish folk song.

A beautiful ending to another wonderful dining experience at Muselet.

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And She Made a Cherry Pie

I was talking to my friend Alice this week and during our conversation, she mentioned that I should look at Kate McDermott’s website, The Art of the Pie. Knowing that I was going to make something for a friend’s BBQ this weekend, I decided to take Alice’s advice.

My mom taught all of us girls to bake, sew and iron. The latter two I blissfully ignore, but I do love to cook and teach others. So, I found myself drawn to Kate’s site. Her warm personality shines throughout the site, which doesn’t surprise me. I have this idea that bakers are friendly types. She holds pie workshops and retreats in Port Angeles, WA. How fun would it be to get a group together and attend?


I read the instructions for making both pie crust and scrolled through her recipes and decided I would bake a cherry pie to take to Fred’s gig. Hence the trip to the Farmer’s market to pick up Leaf lard and cherries.

I tell you what I learned first: 1: Per Kate, freeze everything. 2: Taste the crust mixture to ensure enough salt. 3. BOTH my Mom and Dad are MacGyvers…more on that later. 4. Buy more cherries. 5. Making pie is messy and you will get your hands in the dough. It’s okay as long as they’re clean!

Here is the cast of characters for the pie: Cherries, lemon, sugar whole nutmeg, cherries, quick tapioca, cherries and oh, a coke bottle. Yes, I MacGuyver’d my own cherry pitter, thank you very much! I used a heavy duty straw, stuck a cherry on the opening of the bottle and pushed the seed through.

Cast of characters

Here’s the pie crust pre-lard. I used 8 Tablespoons of butter and 8 oz. Leaf lard:


And after mixing with two knives. According to Kate, you want to see texture that resembles sand, pebbles and almonds as these make for a flaky pie crust.

Cutting dough

Here’s the Mom and Dad MacGyver part: Dad made all of us boards to use for making lefse which I only make once a year and we get together at their house. Mom sewed board covers to cover the board and make the lefse easier to roll; they can be rinsed and dried after use.

I have now christened this my Pie Board. The only thing is that I couldn’t figure out how to put the cover on. I called Mrs. MacGuyer and she said, “Put the cover over the board and draw the two strings together. You will gather material at each corner to hold the cover in place.” WHAT????? How cool is that?

Except that you can’t see it very well. Trust me, it’s cool and if  you make pies, you need this.


If you look carefully, you can see pieces of butter and lard and these are very good to see.

After rolling, I put the crust in my pie pan, dumped the cherry mixture in and decided that I’d cut out leaves and decorate the top instead of trying to do a top crust (need more practice and confidence!).


You can see that I don’t have enough cherries.

And here’s the finished product. I can’t pretend that I didn’t eat the crust that fell off when taking it out of the oven. I did and it was good and so, so, so flaky. Crikey, Kate’s recipe is SPOT ON!

Finished product

Here is the link to her Pie Crust Recipe

Here is the link to her Cherry Pie Recipe

Happy Memorial Day, peeps!!

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The Steel Bridge and Portland Farmer’s Market

When I lived in Seattle, I regularly visited the Ballard Farmer’s Market but haven’t been to one in Portland since I moved here. I follow the Portland Farmer’s Market on Instagram and  after looking at their photos this morning, I decided to walk to the Saturday market at Portland State University which is a nice 3-mile walk.

To get there, I crossed the Steel Bridge, which was first built in 1888, demolished and rebuilt in 1912. It is a double-deck vertical lift bridge and is mammoth. Walking it was fascinating and intimidating. Source: Steel Over the Willamette by Arlen Sheldrake, Richard Thompson, Bob Weaver, Trent Stetz, and Steve Hauff, published in 2012]

steel bridge

I bought cherries at Baird Family Orchards, Leaf Lard (great for pie crust and biscuits) from Tails and Trotter’s, LLC, veggies from DeNoble Farms (they’re from Tillamook!) and Sweet Fire goat cheese from Portland Creamery. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m going to make a cherry pie for a friend’s birthday party tomorrow and I can’t wait to try the cherries as they are not the typical pie cherry.

I have never met a stranger and appreciated the people that allowed me to take pictures of their food and purchases, as well as the vendors who willingly let me take pictures. Images in the video are from those merchants listed above and these: Alma Chocolate, Baird Family Orchards, Portland Creamery, Lauretta Jean’s, Tails and Trotter’s, LLC.

Saturday at the Farmer’s Market – a Video


Magisto is the software I use to create videos and it’s free if you use up to 10 photos.

Happy sunny Saturday and wonderful Memorial Weekend!

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Smokin’ Hot Food at Smokehouse Tavern

I’ve been wanting to write about the Smokehouse Tavern for a while now. I’ve eaten there four times in the last few months and really love their food, drinks and service. There are many things to love about this restaurant: they use fresh, local ingredients, care about the quality and taste of their food and work very hard to ensure people are pleased.

I decided to organize a Meet Up group, “Portland Work From Home Professionals” and hold it at Smokehouse Tavern for happy hour. I met Pete, the owner, when I arrived fashionably early at 4:30. He invited me to sit at the bar until my group arrived and have a drink. I ordered the Smokehouse Old Fashioned, read the menu and watched the happenings at the bar while I waited. I enjoyed the taste of BBQ bitters in the drink; they complimented the richness of bourbon and sweetness of the orange.

BBQ Old Fashioned

One of the items I REALLY miss from my past life in San Diego is my smoker. I loved experimenting with different foods and have to admit that my smoked turkey was the bomb…There’s nothing like the magical smoke ring and Smokehouse Tavern has it. As I said, I’d been there a few times and each time, ordered the pork cheek and smoked brisket in one form or another. My Dad and I were talking about how a poor man’s food in Depression is one man’s delicacy in 2016. The meat has always been tender and SOOOO full of flavor. I will never stop ordering them; too good to pass up.

Pork Belly

I want to include my pictures of the smoked brisket a friend of mine had at an earlier visit. You can see the smoke ring and when brisket is smoked long enough, it’s tender and smooth and very tasty. Smokehouse Tavern gets this right and finishes it with Jacobsen Salt, which is based in Netarts, Oregon.

Smoked brisket

The group filed in and our server, Jules, handled our crowd with style and panache.

Meetup Group

A few people ordered the Deviled Egg Hot Link and loved the conflict of cold and heat. Rob mentioned a few times that he should have ordered another plate:

Deviled Egg

I love smoked brisket and decided to order the Smoke Brisket Tacos. They were the special of the day and I’m so glad I did. Avocado crema, cilantro, tomatoes…it was a wonderful, wonderful dish that should be added permanently on the menu.

Smoked Brisket Tacos

Smokehouse gave us a couple of small plates to try, which I thought was really kind of them: Frito Pie and Asparagus with smoked trout roe. The Frito Pie sent me back to Grand Forks, ND at Amazon.com. In Grand Forks, for lunch, the site would order “Taco in a Bag” which was a huge event. The concept is this: open a bag of chips preferably Doritos) ground meat with taco seasoning, cheese, cheese, more cheese and taco sauce. I loved it even though I used Baked Cheetos and ate more veggies than meat. Miss you, my Grand Forks peeps.

This is fun and playful:

Frito Pie

After the majority of the group left, I stayed and talked with a couple of people. We ordered dessert and shared the mini rhubarb pie. The pie brought me back to strawberry picking when I was 13. After we worked (ish), we would always stop at a little store and buy snacks. I always bought a Hostess Lemon pie. I know that I couldn’t eat that now, but it was the best part of the day!

The fried pie was so, so good. They added a touch of smoked honey which was a pleasant surprise. I paired it with a shot of whiskey and we sat, talked and laughed. Such is a night in Portland.

Rhubarb Pie

Thank you to Smokehouse Tavern for being so gracious to us. I’ll be back!

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